Young Women Come Follow Me Classes

The Godhead
·  What do we know about the nature of the Godhead?
·  How can I know my Heavenly Father?
·  Why is Jesus Christ important in my life?
·  What are the roles of the Holy Ghost?
·  Who am I, and who can I become?

The Plan of Salvation
·  What is the plan of salvation?
·  What happened in my premortal life?
·  What is the purpose of life?
·  Why do the choices I make matter?
·  Why do we have adversity?
·  How can I find comfort when someone I care about dies?
·  Why should I treat my body like a temple?

The Atonement of Jesus Christ
·  What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ?
·  What does it mean to have faith in Jesus Christ?
·  How can repentance help me every day?
·  What is grace?
·  Why do I need to forgive others?
·  What is the resurrection?
·  How can the Atonement help me during my trials?

The Apostasy and The Restoration
·  Why was a restoration necessary?
·  Why do we need the Book of Mormon?
·  How was the priesthood restored?
·  What was Joseph Smith’s role in the Restoration?
·  Why is the First Vision important?

Prophets and Revelation 
·  Why is it important to listen to and follow the living prophets?
·  How do I receive personal revelation?
·  How can I make my prayers more meaningful?
·  Why is it important to study the scriptures?
·  How can I strengthen my testimony?
·  How can a patriarchal blessing help me?

Priesthood and Priesthood Keys
·  What is the priesthood?
·  What are my responsibilities in the work of the priesthood?
·  What are the keys of the priesthood?
·  How do I receive the power and blessings of the priesthood in my life?
·  What does it mean to sustain my Church leaders?

 Ordinances and Covenants
·  Why are ordinances important in my life?
·  Why are covenants important in my life?
·  What covenants did I make at baptism?
·  How do I receive the gift of the Holy Ghost?
·  Why are temple ordinances important?
·  What does it mean to take upon myself the name of Jesus Christ?

Marriage and Family
·  Why is family important?
·  Why is temple marriage important?
·  Why is chastity important?
·  What are the Church’s standards regarding dating?
·  How can I prepare now to become a righteous wife and mother?
·  How do the roles of men and women complement each other in families?
·  How can I strengthen my family?

·  How can I be in the world but not of the world?
·  How do I guard my virtue?
·  How do the things I say affect me and those around me?
·  Why do we fast?
·  Why are we commanded to keep the Sabbath day holy?
·  Why is it important to be honest?
·  Why do we pay tithing?

Becoming More Christlike
·  How can I become more Christlike?
·  How can I develop Christlike love?
·  How can I be more Christlike in my service to others?
·  How can I learn to be more patient?
·  Why is it important to be grateful?

Spiritual and Temporal Self-Reliance
·  What does it mean to be self-reliant?
·  How do I know if I am becoming converted?
·  Why is it important for me to gain an education and develop skills?
·  Why is work an important gospel principle?
·  Why does the Lord want me to be healthy?
·  What is the Lord’s way for providing for the poor and needy?
·  How can I find solutions to my challenges and problems?

Building the Kingdom of God in the Latter Days
·  How can I invite others to come unto Christ?
·  How does Heavenly Father want me to use my spiritual gifts?
·  How can I prepare to establish a Christ-centered home?
·  What can I do to help new members of the Church?
·  How can I help my less-active friends return to church?
·  What is Zion?

·  How can I participate in the hastening of the Lord’s work?