Choice and Accountability Project Ideas

Compile quotes from General Authorities about Choice and Accountability
Compile recipes for a cook book or recipe box
Create a "Sunday Box" filled with ideas of appropriate family activities to do on the Sabbath. Use it each week at home.
Create a day by day calendar with quotes from General Authorities
Create a work of art
Decorate your room on a budget
Do your own laundry
Enter a contest
Go through the closet or personal music library and evaluate items based on the standards listed in For the Strength of Youth. Discard inappropriate items.Learn a song and sing/play it for church
Hold a Conference party
Learn how to dance
Make a conference Binder
Make Personal Progress reminders for Young Women’s
Organize a "For the Strength of Youth Discussion Night" with all the youth in your ward
Organize an alternative post-Prom party
Organize and present a modesty fashion show
Organize your closet
Put together a devotional book
Re-watch Conference and write in your journal how talks apply to Choice and Accountability
Read “Using New Media to Support the Work of the Church” by Elder M. Russell Ballard and start a blog
Read The Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W. Kimball and share impressions of the book with a parent or YW leader.
Sew an article of clothing
Sew your own prom dress
Sew your own temple dress
Start a band
Start a book club
Start a routine of stress reducing activities
Start a scripture study or discussion group
Start and keep an exercise routine


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If you have more suggestions, put them in the comments.


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