Divine Nature Value Experience 5

Obedience is an attribute of the Savior. Strive to be more obedient to your parents. Read Luke 2:40–51and John 6:38. Develop a pattern of obedience as you make a special effort to treat your parents with respect and kindness and do what your parents ask you to do without having to be reminded. After two weeks record in your journal how being more obedient motivated you to want to continue doing so and how it has helped you understand your divine nature and the divine roles of mothers and fathers.

Look in the scriptures for examples of parent/child relationships. What can you learn from the good and bad examples you find?

Some people aren't blessed with great examples of parents. Treat them with respect, even when it's hard, because even if it doesn't change them, it will change you for the better. Learn to be more sympathetic to your parents through the trials they face.

What does respect and obedience to your earthly parents help you understand obedience to your heavenly parents? What can you learn from the Savior's obedience to His Father?

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