Good Works Project Ideas

Adopt a family for Christmas
Babysit for couples attending the temple
Babysit for couples attending ward choir practice
Babysit for free for low income families
Babysit for monthly Relief Society meetings
Babysit siblings
Become CPR and/or First Aid certified
Clean the garage, playroom or attic
Collect items for soldiers overseas
Compile a family health history
Compile a family recipe book
Compile quotes from General Authorities about Good Works
Compile recipes for a cook book or recipe box
Cook meals for your family
Create a day by day calendar with quotes from General Authorities
Create a work of art
Create lesson plans for nursery
Do baptisms for the dead for 10 weeks
Do service for the wives of the Bishopric
Do your own laundry
Family genealogy classes
For my good works project I created a blog documenting my life as a Mormon Teen in this crazy world. It's gotten quite popular, and incredible things have happened because of it, including some of my stories getting published! (Thanks Whitney! Check her out at
Go Christmas Caroling at a Nursing Home
Help with extra chores
Hold a Conference party
Humanitarian aid on
Identify areas of town (parks, playgrounds, roadsides, church grounds) that are littered or dirty. Over several days, pick up trash and beautify the areas.
Keep a journal to log service experiences
Learn how to make bread and donated it for the sacrament
Make a babysitting kit
Make a conference Binder
Make baby hats for the NICU
Make Personal Progress reminders for Young Women’s
Make white hair scrunchies for the temple
Name extraction
Organize a food or clothing drive and donate the proceeds to a local shelter.
Organize and carry out a blood drive
Organize and carry out a surprise birthday party
Organize and carry out an art fair
Plan an afternoon of free babysitting at the church for ward members. Advertise the service and circulate sign-up sheets several weeks ahead of time. Prepare one kids' craft or activity for the afternoon.
Plan and carry out a carnival for primary children or children at a homeless shelter
Plan out healthy menus for your family
Prepare family names for temple work
Put together a devotional book
Re-watch Conference and write in your journal how talks apply to Good Works
Read a book by a General Authority
Record family stories from family members and compile family history
Sew an article of clothing
Sew and tie quilts
Sew finger puppets for children in the hospital or homeless shelters
Sew scripture bags
Spend 10 hours as a volunteer indexer for people trying to locate their ancestors.Learn a song and sing/play it for church
Teach something to a younger sibling
Tutor someone for free
Type up old family journals
Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
Volunteer at the hospital
Volunteer to help with activity days
Volunteer to work on temple grounds
Write letters to missionaries


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