Individual Worth Project Ideas

Compile a book family testimonies, and record in your journal how your family’s heritage has blessed your life.
Compile quotes from General Authorities about Individual Worth, and record your testimony of living prophets and apostles.
Compile your own works of art, photography, poetry, or other accomplishments and ponder why creating helps you develop confidence.
Create a day by day calendar with quotes from General Authorities on Individual Worth.
Hold a "Princess Day Camp" for the activity day girls to help them know they are daughters of God and to develop confidence and testimony.
Hold a party for watching General Conference with your family or fellow Young Women.
Keep a daily journal for 6 months, and record why keeping a journal is important.
Learn a song, and sing or play it in a church meeting. Ponder how music will help to develop self-confidence.
Learn how good dancing will help you recognize your worth as a daughter of God, and practice making good choice about how to dance.
Learn how to crochet, and record how developing talents will bless you in your endeavors and help you develop self-worth.
Learn how to cross-stitch, and record how developing your talents can bless you in your life.
Learn how to knit, and share how developing talents has helped you to gain greater self-worth.
Learn how to play a musical instrument, and record how developing talents helps you to understand your worth.
Make a book of remembrance, recording your own personal history. Think about the importance of keeping a personal history for your posterity.
Make a conference Binder and take notes during General Conference about what the talks teach you about your individual worth.
Make a portfolio of art you have done and record how developing talents has helped you to understand your individual worth.
Memorize Your Patriarchal Blessing, and study what it teaches you about your divine mission.
Organize and carry out an art fair for others to showcase their talents. Record how this helped develop confidence and self-worth in yourself and others.
Participate in a choir or band, and record how you have become more confident as a result.
Participate in a play or other dramatic performance, and record how doing so has helped you develop greater confidence.
Participate in a sport or group activity, and record how doing so has helped you develop confidence and self-worth, and learn to support and work with others.
Put together a book of devotionals to use in Young Women’s, Family Home Evening, Girls Camp, or Seminary.
Read a book by a General Authority that teaches you about the importance of individual worth.
Record family stories from your genealogy and set a goal to serve your ancestors by performing vicarious baptisms.
Sew an article of clothing that reminds you that you are a daughter of God. Record how doing so has helped you to develop individual worth.
Sew scripture bags to give to primary children, including your written testimony on the importance of self-worth.
Start a band or other music group, and record how developing talents and unity have helped you to increase your friendships and self-worth.
Start a club to develop friendships and unity, and record how doing so has helped you and others develop confidence and self-worth.
Take an art class, and record how developing new skills and talents will bless you in your life and give you self-worth.
Take lessons at a Family History Center and learn how to research your ancestors and perform baptisms for them in the Temple.
Teach a class on a skill you’ve developed, and record how doing so has helped you and those you teach to develop stronger self-worth.
Teach music lessons to those in your ward and community, and hold a recital. Record how you have been able to help your students develop self-worth.
Transcribe and study ancestors Patriarchal blessings. Record how studying their blessings has helped you better understand your divine heritage and individual worth.
Type up old family journals and study the importance of learning from our ancestors.
Type up your old journal entries and ponder why recording your personal history will bless your posterity.
Using your talents, create a meaningful gift to give to friends. Record how you are able to strengthen friendships and develop trust and self-confidence.
Volunteer to help with activity days and help the girls recognize their individual worth.
Write a book, play, short stories or poetry that teaches about individual worth.
Write and illustrate a children’s story about developing individual worth.
Write letters to missionaries asking them to share their experiences, and their testimonies of the worth of souls.


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