Integrity Project Ideas

Hold a Conference party

Alter your clothing to be more modest

Learn a song and sing/play it for church

Compile quotes from General Authorities about Integrity

Make Personal Progress reminders for Young Women’s

Put together a devotional book

Learn how to dance

Organize an alternative post-Prom party

Read a book by a General Authority

Create a day by day calendar with quotes from General Authorities

Read “Using New Media to Support the Work of the Church” by Elder M. Russell Ballard and start a blog

Make a conference Binder

Make a faux tile picture of the temple and display it somewhere visible. Write feelings about the temple and a plan for preparing to enter the temple on the back.

Plan and lead a campaign to keep Christ in Christmas this year.

Sew your own prom dress

Sew an article of clothing

Type up old family journals

Create a work of art

Organize and present a modesty fashion show

Re-watch Conference and write in your journal how talks apply to Integrity

Sew your own temple dress


Download as a PDF

If you have more suggestions, put them in the comments.


If you want to share a personal experience doing a project in this value, email it to

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