Knowledge Project Ideas

Ask a parent, grandparent, or ward member to teach you basic cooking skills. You could invite your sisters, cousins, or young women in the ward. Make a recipe book, and cook one of the recipes.
Be a youth leader at camp and make a real effort to prepare for it
Be the Young Women historian
Become CPR and/or First Aid certified
Collect your favorite scriptures and record your testimony of each one.
Compile a family health history
Compile a family recipe book
Compile quotes from General Authorities about Knowledge
Compile quotes from General Authorities about knowledge, and record your testimony of living prophets and apostles.
Cook meals for your family
Create a blog featuring your personal testimony of the Gospel.
Create a day by day calendar with quotes from General Authorities
Create a day by day calendar with quotes from General Authorities about Knowledge.
Create a piece of art that portrays your testimony of the Gospel.
Create a work of art
Create lesson plans for nursery
Grow a garden
Hold a Conference party
Hold a party for watching General Conference with your family or fellow Young Women.
Interview friends, family, and ward members about how they gained a testimony of the gospel, and create a video sharing those testimonies.
Keep a health journal of your diet, exercise and mood
Keep a journal and write in it every day
Keep a regular scripture journal, recording your impressions as you read.
Keep a scripture journal and write in it every day
Learn a song and sing/play it for church
Learn a song that describes your testimony, and sing/play it in a church meeting.
Learn how to can
Learn how to crochet
Learn how to crochet and make something that describes your testimony of the gospel.
Learn how to cross-stitch
Learn how to cross-stitch and make something that describes your testimony of the gospel.
Learn how to dance
Learn how to knit
Learn how to knit and make something that describes your testimony of the gospel.
Learn how to make bread and donate it to be used for the sacrament on Sunday.Help a primary child memorize all 13 articles of faith
Learn how to make bread and donated it for the sacrament
Learn how to play a musical instrument
Learn sign language
Look at colleges you want to attend and compare them
Make a conference Binder
Make a conference Binder and take notes during General Conference about what the talks teach you about  faith in Jesus Christ.
Make a monthly newsletter for Young Women’s
Make a portfolio of art you have done
Make a scrapbook
Make a scripture-of-the-day or word-of-the-day calendar. Have it spiral bound at a local office supply store.
Make at least three of the Christmas gifts given away this year using a new skill. Girls could can jars of applesauce, make Christmas ornaments, or create pieces of jewelry.
Make babysitting kits for the Young Women (from BrookLyn Law!)
Make Personal Progress reminders for Young Women’s
Make something for the other Young Women
Make white hair scrunchies for the temple
Memorize “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”
Memorize “The Living Christ”
Memorize all 25 Scripture Mastery verses and record your testimony of the gospel truths they teach.
Memorize Scripture masteries
Organize and carry out a blood drive
Organize and carry out an art fair
Participate in a choir or band
Participate in a sport
Plan and carry out a carnival for primary children or children at a homeless shelter
Plan out healthy menus for your family
Put together a book of devotionals to use in Young Women’s, Family Home Evening, Girls Camp, or Seminary.
Put together a devotional book
Re-watch Conference and write in your journal how talks apply to Knowledge
Read “Using New Media to Support the Work of the Church” by Elder M. Russell Ballard and start a blog
Read a book about the importance of gaining knowledge by a General Authority and record how your understanding of the gospel has grown.
Read a book by a General Authority
Read and study the Doctrine and Covenants.
Read and study the New Testament.
Read and study the Old Testament.
Read stories from President Monson’s life. Afterward, talk to a family member or a Young Women leader about what you learned and how knowing about his life can help you.
Read the Work and the Glory series
Read the Work and the Glory series.
Research and compile a list of possible careers
Sew a value pillow or quilt
Sew an article of clothing
Sew and tie quilts
Sew scripture bags to give primary kids when they're baptized, including your written testimony of the importance of studying the scriptures.
Start a band
Start a book club
Start a routine of stress reducing activities
Start a scripture study or discussion group
Start an interest group
Start and keep an exercise routine
Take a high school advanced placement course or a post-secondary college class.
Take an AP class to help you prepare for college
Take an art class
Take charge of New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence
Teach a class
Teach music classes and hold a recital
Teach something to a younger sibling
Train a dog
Train for a half marathon
Tutor someone for free
Visit a church history location and create a scrapbook based on the trip, highlighting the faith of church members of that time period, and the testimony you gained from that visit.
Write a book, play, short stories or poetry
Write a children’s book
Write a story, play, song, or poem about the importance of gaining knowledge and share it with friends and family.
Write and illustrate a children’s book
Write and illustrate a children’s story, and read it to a primary class.
Write letters to missionaries
Write letters to missionaries, asking them about the knowledge they gained before serving, and what they’re learning now that they are serving.
Write your own personal history

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  1. make babysitting kits for all the young women

  2. We had the young women organize a Relief Society activity. They did this all by themselves! (with a little steering from our side)

    1. They had the sisters teach us (and each other) how to knit and crochet

  3. We had a person from our ward come over and teach us how to make pie crust. Then you can go home and make a pie