Choice and Accountability Value Experience 2

Read the pamphlet For the Strength of Youth. List in your journal each standard of righteous behavior the pamphlet outlines, and record why it is important to choose to live those standards. Practice living righteous standards by choosing three standards in which you need to improve. You might choose to be more selective about television, music, books, or other media, or you might improve your modesty, language, or honesty. After three weeks share your progress with your family, your class, or a leader.

Some standards of the church are difficult to follow if you don't understand why. Study For the Strength of Youth and the Young Women theme, and look for the doctrines and principles these standards are based in. How does your perspective change?

If you feel like you're pretty good at sticking what you normally think of when you hear "standards", you could pick some other areas that aren't stressed as much like education, family, and physical health. The point is to pick 3 things in which you need to personally make better choices, even if it's in the small things.

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