Choice and Accountability Value Experience 7

Making choices is part of Heavenly Father’s plan for us. Read Moses 4:1–4; 7:32; and 2 Nephi 9:51. Establish a pattern of wise money management by making a budget for saving and spending your money, including the payment of tithing. Live within your budget for at least three months. Set priorities that allow you to meet your most important needs before satisfying your wants. Record in your journal what you have learned and how following these patterns will continue to bless your life.

Money isn't important in the eternal scheme of things, but learning to be responsible for important temporal needs will help you understand how to manage spiritual responsibilities you will receive as you progress in this life and the next.

Evaluate how much you earn and spend each month. Make a list of wants and needs, and how much they cost. Decide on how much of what you earn to use for spending money, and put the rest into savings.

It's important to save money for the future. As youth, you have Girl's Camp, Youth Conference and EFY. As you plan for the future, it's important to think about higher education, and the possibility of a mission—all of which require money. You can depend on others to help support you, but ultimately it is your responsibility to take care of yourself when you reach that point.

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