Integrity Value Experience 2

Conduct a self-assessment of your personal integrity. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I avoid gossip, inappropriate jokes, swearing and profanity, and being light-minded about sacred subjects? Am I completely truthful, morally clean, honest, dependable, and trustworthy in my schoolwork and other activities? Pray daily for strength and for the guidance of the Holy Ghost to help you live with integrity. Write in your journal the things you can do to improve your personal integrity and at least one new habit you want to develop.

Remember, it's okay if you don't say 100% yes to every single thing. Everyone has their own personal struggles. The most important thing to remember is to continue working on it, even if it isn't a big issue in your life.

Here's a simple worksheet provided by Ginger L. who wanted to share what she used with her young women. I've also created a simple worksheet which could be used.

If you have more ideas or a personal experience you want to share, send them to

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