Integrity Value Experience 3

The Savior is the perfect example of integrity; He did what He promised the Father He would do. Read 3 Nephi 11:10–11. Study the lives of other individuals in the scriptures who lived with integrity. Read Genesis 39; the book of Esther; Job 2:3; 27:3–6; Daniel 3 and 6; Acts 26; Doctrine and Covenants 124:15; and Joseph Smith—History 1:21–25. In your journal identify the ways these people demonstrated integrity. Think of a time when you had the courage to show integrity, especially when it was not easy or popular. Share your experience and your feelings about it in a testimony meeting or lesson or with a parent or leader.

There is a lot of reading involved in this experience, so consider doing it over the course of a week. Study the life of one personal a day starting on Monday, then on Sunday, share your personal experience.

D&C 124:15 talks about Hyrum Smith but it doesn't have much information on why he had integrity. I actually taught this as a lesson to our girls and used part of this conference talk to tell them about Hyrum Smith. (from commenter Ginger)

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