Knowledge Value Experience 2

In your journal list talents you have and others you would like to develop. Read Matthew 25:14–30. Learn a new skill or talent that will help you care for your own future family or home (for example, playing the piano, singing, budgeting, time management, cooking, sewing, or child care). Share with your family, class, or Young Women leader what you have learned.

Ideas of skills:

cooking, cleaning, nutrition, sewing, cutting hair, laundry, ironing, stain removal, menu planning, budgeting, balancing a checkbook, playing an instrument, canning, organizing, interior design, singing, quick meals, time management, personal safety, quilting, tole painting, crochet/knit, scrapbooking, painting, newborn care, diaper changing, feeding toddlers, infant CPR, car seat safety, discipline, time management

If you aren't sure how to go about learning something, ask your Relief Society president if there are any women in the ward who are capable of teaching it.

At a mutual activity have several young women  who are earning their honor bees teach the skills they learned when they completed this experience.

Don't become discouraged. Talents usually come naturally, and there are some you will never have no matter how hard you try. Don't let that stop you. Instead focus on the skills you ARE able to develop.

Some skills take longer than others. Washing laundry can be learned in a short amount of time, while playing an instrument sufficiently can take months or years. Don't give up! If you choose something more challenging, consider continuing the experience as a project.

If you have more ideas or a personal experience you want to share, send them to

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