Knowledge Value Experience 4

Select a gospel principle you would like to understand better (for example, faith, repentance, charity, eternal families, or baptismal covenants). Read scriptures and the words of latter-day prophets that relate to the principle. Prepare a five-minute talk on the subject and give the talk in a sacrament meeting, in a Young Women meeting, to your family, or to your class. Record in your journal how you can apply this gospel principle in your life.

The church's Study by Topic page has many resources for studying different subjects in depth.

If you get nervous speaking in front of other people, just remember that you can pray for peace and courage as you speak.

Have a talk night at mutual, where girls each pick a different topic to speak on, and leaders or another speaker share advice for giving a good talk.

At Young Women in Excellence or New Beginnings, have girls give short talks on each of the young women values.

If you have more ideas or a personal experience you want to share, send them to

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