I never intended to make this blog serious. I made it on a whim because I was searching for an idea for a project, and it took me hours to find all the different ideas online, so I decide I would gather as many as possible into one place. But then I wanted to do the same with value experiences, since there are so many different ways to go about completing them. And what came about was the Personal Progress Helper. But after about a month of no one visiting it, I gave up and ignored it.

But it's started getting popular now. And now that it's been over a year since I last visited this site, I'm currently working on my Honor Bee, and thought "Why not use this blog as part of my honor bee?" and so that's what I'm doing! I'll be updating it regularly with new ideas for Personal Progress, Mutual, and just random stuff like crafts, how to get the most out of Seminary, more detailed descriptions/instructions for projects, and other cool stuff.

You might've noticed that everything is gone. That's because I need to update things and give this blog a big makeover! Everything will be back shortly!