Sacrament Prayer Memorization Aids

The Sacrament is such an amazing privilege we have as Latter-day Saints. Through the Sacrament, we are able to renew our covenants with our Heavenly Father and receive a remission for our sins. Three Personal Progress value experiences revolve around the Sacrament, Faith #4, Virtue #4, and Divine Nature #4—the latter including the memorization of the Sacrament prayers.
I have found two excellent printables with the Sacrament prayers that will aid in memorization and can be used as a simple day-to-day reminder of our covenants.

UPDATE 1/22/2015: 

I've created copies of the Sacrament prayers that can be printed onto sticky notes (or just cut into 3x3 squares) which will not only aid in memorization, but can be placed anywhere to serve as a reminder of our baptismal covenants.

The Sacrament Prayer(s): A comparison of the blessings on the bread and water.
via Modern Roots
Sacrament Prayers printable
via The Mormon Home

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