The Living Christ Christmas Tree Memorization Project

See the updated 2015 Living Christ Christmas Tree Project!

I'm super excited to unveil my latest project (albeit almost a week late). I was super excited by Sister Marriott's talk at the General Women's Conference, and I've been anxious for Christmas since December 26th. The combination of those two things inspired me to create this awesome project.
The idea at it's core is to memorize The Living Christ and gain a stronger testimony of Jesus Christ, but for those of us who like a little extra motivation in the form of Christmas decoration, I came up with a fairly basic program where each week you memorize a section of The Living Christ, and upon memorizing it, you get a Christmas ornament.
You can either use the printables I've created, or if you already have or could easily acquired real ornaments (they're pretty common Christmas symbols) go right ahead. The ornaments I've created are scaled to fit a Christmas tree cut out from a 22 x 28 poster board.
Basically everything else about the project is covered in the printable packet, which you can DOWNLOAD HERE.
Or for those of you who can do without all the frills, here is a copy of The Living Christ.
I do realize that at this point there are actually less than 12 weeks until Christmas, but weeks 11 and 12 could theoretically be combined, as could any other weeks with somewhat shorter sections.
If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! Merry Christmas!

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