Sacrament Prayer Sticky Notes Free Download

Sacrament Prayer Printable Sticky Note Free Download

I have a confession: I'm addicted to sticky notes. I use them all the time and for all sorts of things. Whenever I need to remember something, I always turn to my collection of sticky notes. And so as I was going through Personal Progress again, I realized I'd somehow become a little rusty when it came to memorizing things, for example: the Sacrament prayers.

So I decided I would have a little fun and make a simple, sticky note scaled printable with both prayers. These would be great to hand out for a Young Women's or Sunday School challenge relating to the sacrament. And if you don't want to mess with printing on sticky notes, you can print them out on cardstock and cut them to be 3x3. Either way you'll get a handy, portable set of the prayers for virtually anything, anywhere.

Sacrament Prayer Printable Sticky Note Free DownloadSacrament Prayer Printable Sticky Note Free Download

To print them you'll need to download both the sacrament prayer PDF, and the sticky note printing template. Of course, if you're just printing them for yourself, you aren't going to need 3 sets, so I also have a PDF with a single set. Basic instructions for printing are on the template's page, but it's pretty simple to figure out.

These would serve as great tools while working on Faith #4, Divine Nature #4, or Virtue #4 to help you really focus on the Sacrament, and hopefully ponder it on a deeper level throughout the week.