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General Women's Session Invitation Free Printable in 3 colors!

I LOVE General Conference, and I especially love the General Women's Session. I'm excited that now it's being formally recognized as an official session of Conference, because it's always been that way in my mind. In years past I've had some years when the Young Women would have a big party, and others when they'd forget about it completely.


In an effort to solve this predicament of forgetfulness, I've made super simple invitations that wards can distribute to the Young Women, Relief Society, and Primary as a reminder to the girls and women. It could be especially meaningful if the Young Women personally invite the Primary girls.


I've made them in three different color schemes—teal and pink, green and lavender, & cranberry and gold—and with four different times because of time zone differences, because some wards will hold a dinner beforehand.


The invitations are designed to be printed 4 to a sheet. One .zip file includes 12 different invitations (3 colors x 4 time zones) in 3 formats—JPG (300dpi), PDF (4 to a sheet), and full sheet PDF.


UPDATE 3/3/15: I realized after recieving an email that their are quite a few circumstances where the main viewing venue would be the stake center. Subsequently I put together an identical set of invitations with the locations swapped out.


I also have a set of invitations with the location spot empty, for leaders who choose to host the broadcast in their homes. These are only available as JPG due to personal time constraints. If you would like to maintain consistency with the design, the font is Bebas at 60pt.


If you email I will happily customize times, but not location (with some exceptions) or add further information.

General Women's Session Invitation Free Printable

General Women's Session Invitation Free PrintableGeneral Women's Session Invitation Free Printable

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