General Conference Spring 2015 Study Schedule


Fall 2015 General Conference Study Schedule
See the Fall 2015 General Conference Study Schedule!

I loved General Conference! It was so inspiring and exciting. I took so many notes that by the last session my ink-stained fingers were cramped and twitching, but the rest of me was on top of the world!

Thanks to the miracle of the internet, all the conference addresses will be published in English by Wednesday, and their titles and summaries are already available. This used to take at least a week only a few short years ago!

In order to keep the momentum going, I decided to come up with a simple schedule in order to study all the talks. Initially I was only going to do talks from the General Sessions because those would fit so nicely in a weekly schedule, but the talks which inspired me most actually came from the Women's and Priesthood sessions, so I doubled up several weeks to include those.

Studying General Conference talks prayerfully, and especially taking notes on them, would be a really great Personal Progress project under any value! Based on the topics which were most frequently discussed, I'd probably suggest Faith, Divine Nature, Choice and Accountability, or Integrity as the value for a project.
General Conference Spring 2015 Study Schedule
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