Girls Camp Pillow Treats for "Embark" Theme

Girls Camp Pillow Treat Handouts

Against my better judgment I've been getting into the Girls Camp spirit! A little well-known secret about me is I love puns and plays-on-words. And if nobody can tell, I also like handouts. So I decided to throw together several handouts to be used with camp pillow treats, for YCLs or leaders to give to their young women each day.


I also kept in mind the 2015 Youth theme which is being used for a lot of camps (including my own) of "Embark in the Service of God", so I made each one reference a specific treat that in someway related to the theme. I'll leave it to you to figure out the references (:


Girls Camp Pillow Treat Handout: Chips Ahoy!Girls Camp Pillow Treat Handout: Lifesaver!

Girls Camp Pillow Treat Handout: 'Sweetest' (Swedish) Fish

Girls Camp Pillow Treat Handout: 'Golden' Goldfish

Girls Camp Pillow Treat Handout: 'Embark!" Water Bottle

All of them are available as 300dpi JPG files, and the water bottle label is available in a PDF which prints 3 to a sheet. It's designed to fit a 16 oz bottle, but the JPG file could be appropriately scaled to a different sized bottle.


Download them here!