"The Sisters of Zion" by Janice Kapp Perry Sheet Music

I have always loved music, and I've been blessed to have many opportunities to serve Heavenly Father through music. Recently the church published online new lyrics which Janice Kapp Perry wrote for "As Sisters in Zion," in 2013. Now retitled "The Sisters of Zion," these verses focus much more on missionary work. Though I love the original lyrics written by Emily Woodmansee, the new ones have revitalized such a lovely hymn.
I would love to incorporate this new version into our Young Women (and Relief Society) classes, but the church only published the lyrics, without the accompanying music. I like to keep my music and lyrics on the same sheet together, and so I simply added the lyrics the the music already found in the hymn book.
The PDF can be downloaded here.

I researched the copyright policies of the church, and so as far as I'm aware it's completely legal to share this as it is. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know and I can take care the adhere to whatever policies are out there.