Women's Session Printable Quote Collection

Collection of 10 Beautiful Women's Session Printable Quotes
 I loved the Women's Session! I loved the emphasis on hope which seemed to tie together the four excellent talks we heard. It was definitely spiritually edifying, and I look forward to studying the talks in more depth.

I was inspired by some of the beautiful quotes we heard, and so threw together some beautiful prints in between talks and after the session. I had fun playing around with new fonts and pretty pastel colors. These are perfect for sharing in Senior Primary, Young Women's, and Relief Society, or keeping around the home, be it in frames or on fridges.

And if you're looking for a meaningful, hassle-free value project, why not use General Conference as an opportunity! See more details about how to do a great General Conference Value Project!

General Conference 10 Hour Personal Progress Value Project

The prints are 4x6 high-quality JPG files. Download here.

Collection of 10 Beautiful Women's Session Printable Quotes