Collection of 50 General Conference Printable Quotes

Collection of 50 Amazing Quotes from Fall 2015 General Conference
I loved General Conference! There were so many powerful messages from our amazing leaders. There were a lot of themes that crossed over multiple talks, like being focused and obedient.  Overall I thought it was wonderful, and I look forward to studying all the talks over the next 6 months (and keep an eye out for a study schedule!) I also got excited about the idea of ponderizing, so keep an eye out over the next month for some exciting tools to go with that!

But back to the present--I had lots of fun during the sessions, as I did during the women's session last week, creating some quote cards. I used the same basic design and got to play with lots of my favorite colors! By the time conference was over I'd created almost 40, and so I figured I'd put those together with the quotes from the women's session and wound up with a grand total of 50 conference quotes. I know I missed some great ones, but I managed to use a lot of really amazing ones.

The collection includes 50 300dpi JPG files designed to print 4x6. They're perfect for sharing at church, or keeping at home (maybe for some ponderizing?). Print a few at a time from home, or order prints of all of them at once. Download the collection here (watch out--it's a big file!)

Collection of 50 Amazing Quotes from Fall 2015 General Conference