Divine Nature 6 Gratitude Challenge for Thanksgiving

Divine Nature 6 Gratitude Challenge
Thanksgiving is so soon! (Which means Christmas is right around the corner!) I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be grateful, and while I'm not the kind to proclaim my gratitude on Twitter and Facebook, I still love reading about the gratitude of friends and family. In my pondering, of course my mind turned to Personal Progress. Initially, I didn't recall any experiences directly related to gratitude, but then I sat down to work on Divine Nature 6, and what should I find but a whole passage about gratitude! I felt briefly ashamed at myself, and then incredibly excited. I knew I wanted to expand this idea a bit more in order to make it a more meaningful experience this season. I know Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, but why does thanksgiving need to stop after November 26th?

I have a handful of printables for this. I have one with the entire experience on it, and another with the brief scripture which popped out at me in my reading, Colossians 3:15.

"Be Ye Thankful" Printable for Divine Nature 6 Gratitude Challenge

Divine Nature 6 Gratitude Challenge for Thanksgiving

These are each a 4x6 300dpi JPG. Download here!

Of course, the experience isn't exclusively about gratitude, but any divine attribute you feel inspired to work on. BUT given that everyone feels a bit more grateful in November, I feel like it's worth putting the offering forward to focus on this specific attribute.

And because during those two weeks it's easy to lose track of things, I have a handy sheet for keeping track of what you're grateful for each day. Social media is also awesome for this, and the experience talks about recording progress in your journal, so expanding on things there is even better.

Divine Nature 6 Gratitude Challenge for Thanksgiving

This printable comes as a PDF and also includes the first two handouts on a single sheet. Download here!

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