Faith 5 Easter Experience

Some places have more winter than others, but no matter where you are, the clear skies and yellow flowers that come with Springtime are so satisfying. And more important than the change of season is the renewed focus on the Atonement as we celebrate Easter! It's coming quite a bit sooner than it usually does, but that only gets me more excited.

As with ANYTHING, Easter is a great opportunity to work on Personal Progress! In particular, Faith #5 focuses specifically on the personal impact of the Atonement. A lot of people do some sort of Easter countdown in the week preceding it, and so that's what I've turned this experience into. Each day you read one passage from the experience, and record your thoughts on that verse. You end on Easter Sunday by recording your testimony of the Atonement, and how your understanding has deepened as you've studied.

You can download the packet here.

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