Choice and Accountability Value Experience 6

Study the Young Women theme and what it teaches you about who you are, what you are to do, and why you are to do it. List in your journal what you will do each day with regard to modesty, dating, and the media to be morally clean and worthy to enter the temple. Record in your journal how these choices will help you remain free and happy.

Each week when you recite the Young Women theme, think about each word you are saying. Take that time to recommit yourself to living its teachings.

Some standards of the church are difficult to follow if you don't understand why. Study For the Strength of Youth and the Young Women theme, and look for the doctrines and principles these standards are based in. How does your perspective change?

At mutual, learn the theme in sign language. How do the signs you use help you understand the theme more, and how can you apply that understanding to your life everyday.

After your prayers each day recite the theme to yourself. How does your understanding of your divine nature change? Record your thoughts in your journal.

Study The Family: A Proclamation to the World with the Young Women's Theme, and think about how the two documents together can be a guide for your life.

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